Executive Coaching

Dreams and goals can be buried deep. Todd listens to where you want to go in business and life and works with you to craft a plan to get there. Leaders, managers, and business owners are empowered by this holistic approach to breaking through roadblocks in business and life and finding their true north.

Team Coaching

Typically, a leader hires Todd to work with the team to identify their individual and collective strengths. Todd then helps teams remove the roadblocks, creating a greater sense of unity and empowerment. Most leaders would say after working with Todd, that their team gains a greater sense of clarity and enjoyment, resulting in enhanced performance.

Conflict Resolution

Perhaps the most transformational, Todd works with individuals, families, and teams who are experiencing heightened conflict. The goal is unity, reconciliation, resolution, and understanding. Easier said than done. Todd just has the gift of helping people get there.